The cultural and academic agenda of the Botanical Garden of Bogota promotes cultural, artistic and academic events in different modalities and oriented to different participants, always part of strategic thematic processes or programs. For example, courses on trees, landscaping, urban agriculture and gardening, as well as forums and discussions through which important and strategic topics for the city are discussed.

From the Cultural Agenda, we propose a program that takes into account the needs of the Botanical Garden as well as those of the different populations where it is projected for the implementation of both academic and non-academic events, and then, to carry out the development process of each event expressed in forums, lectures, symposiums, courses or exhibitions, shows, concerts, festivals, among others.

In order to implement the cultural agenda, three basic elements are proposed as integral strategies to bring citizens closer to botanical, environmental and scientific knowledge in accordance with the above-described:

  • Academic aspect
  • Cultural aspect

Specific goals

  1. Generate institutional capacities to strengthen the artistic aspect of the cultural agenda, in order to highlight the museographic nature of the institution.
  2. Generate a pedagogical strategy to strengthen the Botanical Garden based on exhibitions and the development of environmental art projects for the promotion of the living collections from an artistic perspective.

Monthly / yearly activities


Night Garden

On the last Friday of each month the Garden opens its doors from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 pm with tours, cultural and academic activities.


Art Exhibitions

Temporary exhibitions of contemporary art are held in non-conventional spaces and within the living collections. These are related to themes of nature, flora and current environmental issues.


Botanical exhibitions

Temporary events that aim to bring closer and make known the richness and diversity of the flora, through exhibitions of living plants from different botanical families.