¿What is the cost of tickets to the Botanical Garden of Bogotá?

Admission fees to the Botanical Garden are:

General admission under 5 years: $5.000

Admission fee for the Tropicarium to locals:  $5.000

Admission fee for the Tropicarium to foreigns: $10.000

Children under 5 years old and adults over 62 years old are free of charge.

¿Can I bring food with me?

We have a coffee shop-restaurant for the citizens, with delicious food alternatives, so these are the only ones allowed inside the Botanical Garden.

¿ What can you see inside the Botanical Garden of Bogotá?

The waterfall – The Palm collection – Maloca – Tropicarium – Cloud forest – The herbal dome-  Rose garden – Exotic tree collection – Paramo ecosystem – The “robledal”  Ver más

¿How can I book a visit?

In order to book your visit you must send your request at least 20 days in advance to the e-mail reservavisitas@jbb.gov.co , where you must present two provisional dates and the starting time of the visit, which are Monday through Friday at   8:00 am, 10:00 am, 1:00 pm or 3:00 pm. Remember we can only tour a maximum of 175 people per scheduled visit, so availability is according to previous schedules.

¿Do I need to be authorized to plant trees in public spaces?

District institutions are the only agencies authorized to plant in public spaces. In fact, all plantation activities must be coordinated with the Botanical Garden of Bogotá, by getting in touch with the office of urban arborization, where a professional will give you the guidelines to carry out the process. Additionally, an evaluation of the technical viability of the initiative will be carried out; however, the most appropriate thing to do is to follow the activities that are shared on the Garden’s social networks.

¿ How can I get all the information about the academic agenda, inscription for urban agriculture courses and other activities?

All the information about the   academic and cultural agenda of the Botanical Garden of Bogotá , can be consulted on the first days of each month on our website and social networks.  Likewise, people interested in joining the free courses of Urban Agriculture must go to the Garden’s ticket office with their ID card, on the first working day of each month, to fill out the application form. In addition, we have other types of courses and activities open to citizens, which are previously published in our social networks.

¿How can you participate in the plantation days organized by the Botanical Garden of Bogotá?

The Botanical Garden of Bogotá in order to encourage the participation of the community, companies and institutions in the process of planting and maintenance of urban trees in public spaces, created the “Adopt a Tree” program, which allows the ownership of the land and citizen participation in the city. To be part of the program it is necessary to send an email to contactenos@jbb.gov.co, later a qualified professional will contact you to inform the dates of the plantation days.

¿Can I have a tree in front of my house?

According to the current Administration’s Development Plan, the process of tree plantation in the city is carried out in accordance with technical and social guidelines. Therefore, it is necessary to request a technical assistance to determine the possibility of a plantation by sending an email to contactenos@jbb.gov.co.

¿How can I get a technical concept for a tree logging?

For people who want to know about the logging process, Article 8 of Decree 383 of 2018 explains that the competent entity to evaluate, diagnose and conceptualize the trees in public or private space in the city of Bogotá is the Secretary of Environment.

¿ What are the hours of operation of the Botanical Garden?

The Botanical Garden of Bogotá is open to the public from Tuesday through Friday from  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Weekends and public holidays from  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The latest check-in time is  4:00 p.m.

* Monday business day closed for maintenance. If Monday is a holiday, Tuesday is closed for maintenance.

¿Can I bring pets into the Garden?

No. For the care and conservation of the Garden’s living collections, pets are not allowed.

¿What is the process for renting space?

We rent spaces for academic or training activities. If you are interested in renting any of our spaces, you should visit the entity and get to know them. Afterwards, they will have to make the request to the e-mail   reservaespacios@jbb.gov.co , where they will provide the price.

¿How can I get information about the species?

Anyone interested in learning more about the details of a plant can ask for information through our social networks. Also, anyone who wants to expand the characteristics of any species, you can do it through the platform of common names that the Botanical Garden has available by clicking the following link:  Common Names. – nombrescomunes.jbb.gov.co

¿ How does the logging procedure operate?

Every time the Botanical Garden is notified by the   Secretary of the Environment, logging interventions will be carried out in accordance with the technical concept or emergency reports issued by the environmental authority.

¿How are the photographic requirements made?

Requests for photography inside the botanical garden should be sent to   reservaespacios@jbb.gov.co , with the purpose of the photographs. If it is for academic purposes, a letter must be sent from the institution that requires it with an 8 days notice or more, addressed to the Educational and Cultural Deputy Director certifying them as students. In addition, they must attach the list of people, elements that will access, a detailed description with the date, time and places of the JBB that will be used.

In case the photography is commercial, they must send a request with the list of people, elements that will be used for the activity and a detailed description of the activity. The cost per hour is $176,000 plus VAT.


*In any case, the following rules must be complied with: it is not allowed to photograph people in their underwear, or allow the entry of food or animals, nor the use of drones.

¿What is the procedure for pruning in public spaces in Bogotá?

In accordance with Decree 383 of 2018 that regulates urban forestry, green areas and gardening in Bogota, the Special Administrative Unit of Public Services (UAESP) is the entity in charge of performing tree pruning in the District. For this reason, you should request the service by calling 6013580400

¿Does a person can plant trees without authorization from the Botanical Garden?

According to District Decree 383 of 2018  , it is possible to carry out plantings   by natural persons without prior authorization from the Botanical Garden as it may involve preventive measures and/or penalties.