Duties of the Citizen's Ombudsman

  1. Ensure that the institution complies with the normative disposals related to citizen service.
  2. Make recommendations to the Legal Representative of the institution to facilitate the relationship between the institution and the citizenship, to strengthen the credibility in the public administration.
  3. Analyze the summary of requests made by citizens in relation to the disposal of procedures and services, based on the report prepared by the Citizen Service Office or whoever takes its place, and identify the problems that should be solved by the institution.
  4. Design and implement strategies to promote the rights and duties of citizens, as well as the available ways to interact with the available local administration, aimed at public servants and citizenship in general.
  5. Promote the use of different citizen service channels, their integration and the use of Information and Communication Technologies to improve the citizens’ experience.
  6. Elaborate and submit reports related to the functions of the Citizens’ Ombudsman as required by the General Secretary of the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, and the local Oversight Office.
  7. Any other duties that may be required in order to efficiently perform the delegated functions.

With Resolution 040 of 2016, the performance of the responsibilities of the Citizen's Protector was delegated to the Educational and Cultural Deputy Director

Citizen’s Ombudsman

Avenue Street 63 # 68-95
Phone  6014377060 Ext. 1007
Mail: nesanchez@jbb.gov.co