(Greenhouses circuit)

Practices for children and youth

We promote the knowledge, care and exploration of nature

Environmental Experiences

A tour through the different living collections and environments of the Botanical Garden


Specialized services

Other Services

The garden, being a space dedicated to the research and conservation of plants, has some restrictions and recommendations

Birds of the Garden

The Botanical Garden is an ideal place for bird watching due to its vegetation cover

Agroecological Routes

Specialized Services

Mas árboles y mejor espacio público

We provide specialized advice on issues related to arborization and gardening

Urban and Periurban Agriculture

Since 2004 the Botanical Garden of Bogota has been the leading entity in technical assistance and training in urban agriculture

Green Practices

Extra cost to the admission fee of the Botanical Garden according to the current rates

Wellness Experiences

We promote the reconnection of the being with its natural environment. We generate experiences that promote the care of body and mind

Academic Spaces

We offer courses, seminars, symposiums, lectures and exhibitions

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Resolution 18 of 2021. “Whereby the prices for admission, space rental, goods and services at the Botanical Garden are set and other provisions are issued”